2018 Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital Annual Report

The Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (OLBH) Foundation was established in 1987 to benefit the local health ministry and has continued this mission through the generosity of its donors and supporters. The OLBH Foundation is a A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, governed by a volunteer board of directors with elected officers comprised of a cross section of area business, community and medical leadership. As of January 1, 2019, the OLBH Foundation moved to operating on a calendar year. As a result of this change from a fiscal year, the 2018 OLBH Foundation Annual Report represents a 16 month-period of September 2017 through December 2018. For more information concerning the foundation or the 2018 annual report, call (606) 833-3655.

FY18 + Stub Year Foundation Fund Disbursement - $1,147,391.24

Unrestricted gifts are intended to address the greatest need as determined by the directors and administration of the OLBH Foundation. Gifts also may be restricted for a specific use. The tables below detail the activities of OLBH’s restricted funds.

Auxiliary Fund   $56,112.80
Benevolent Care   $73,354.39
Good Samaritan Fund   $4,778.91
Children's Benevolent Christmas Fund   $20,084.88
Employee Benevolent Endowment   $17,914.12
Jonathan Ferguson Endowment   $19,469.09
Patient Benevolent Endowment   $7,986.98
Sister Eva Marie Testa Prescription Endowment   $2,620.41
Homeless Care Initiative   $500.00
Community Benefit   $109,508.55
Bicycle Safety Camp Fund   $2,580.75
Healthy Choices KY Grant   $1,514.09
Healthy Community Initiatives Fund   $40,905.87
FIT Families Grant   $64,507.84
Education   $5,825.00
Robert E. Yancey, Sr. Scholarship Endowment   $1,825.00
Stephen Mercer Endowment   $1,500.00
Cody Gollihue Scholarship Fund   $1,500.00
Robert J. Thomas Memorial Scholarship   $1,000.00
Eye Care   $12,559.53
Diane Gussler Lobach Endowment   $12,559.53
Dental Care   $7,204.80
BSHSI Dental Grant Fund   $7,204.80
OLBH Health Ministries   $112,942.36
Community Faith in Action Fund   $7,654.44
Community Health Watch Partnership Fund   $27,026.59
Meals on Wheels Fund   $77,971.33
Home Health Benevolent Fund   $290.00
Senior Citizen Care   $2,409.26
Lifeline Fund   $209.26
Alzheimer's Fund   $2,200.00
Women's Care   $28,970.34
Susan G. Komen Grant Fund   $11,131.25
Women's Health Fund   $10,028.23
KY Breast Cancer Education Fund   $19,421.91
Capital Campaign   $365,153.18
Capital Campaign Endowment   $7,520,57
Vascular Lab Fund   $7,729.75
Facility Enhancement Fund   $47,664.67
Sister Ruth Ellen James Endowment   $60,000.00
Enhanced Cancer Care Endowment   $19,000.00
General Campaign Fund   $155,000.00
Legacy Endowment   $11,968.29
Nursing Station Renovation Fund   $195.00
Wholistic Health Spa Fund   $36,074.90
Oncology Fund   $20,000.00
Miscellaneous   $361,739.98
Foundation Operating Fund   $75,579.01
Unrestricted Fund   $14,282.80
Chronic Disease Grant   $4,868.25
Oncology Fund   $3,483.80
Bridges to Health Grant   $60,582.30
CLIK Grant   $20,753.33
Pediatric Fund   $28,095.00
Vitality Center Fund   $8,957.13
Campus Transportation Grant   $2,970.66
Palliative Care Grant   $79,880.00
George Bennett Endowment   $585.54
CTAA Grant   $9,084.02
Katherine Becker Schiller Endowment   $25.00
Lucille Kazee Endowment   $375.45
MedConnex GRant   $10,000.00
WHAS Grant   $42,217.69


9/1/2017 - 12/31/2018 Foundation Revenue - $1,452,403.54

The OLBH Foundation raises money through various avenues including these fundraising categories:

Annual Giving      $254,623.70
Endowment Gifts      $50,672.50
Grants      $241,563.09
Capital Campaign      $83,417.75
Special Events      $131,978.50
In-Kind Gifts      $690,148.00


9/1/2017 - 12/31/2018 Community Commitment Overview

9/1/2017 - 12/31/2018 Net Community Benefit: $42,987,000
Reflects the charity care and Medicaid loss listed below, in addition to other items not listed, such as direct in-kind support, indirect support and the staff costs of BSKHS employees utilized while providing benefits to the community.

Total Medicaid Unreimbursed Cost of Service: $37,458,000
Loss Experienced rendering healthcare services to Medicaid patients.

Charity Care (at cost): $3,579,000
Health services provided by OLBH to those who could not pay.

Community Benefit Programs: $1,950,000
This includes community health services, health professionals’ education, financial/in-kind contribution and community-building activities.

In addition to the work of the OLBH Foundation, the hospital fulfills its mission of “good help.” From health screenings to education classes, there is an array of hospital activities that benefit the community. For more information on these opportunities, click here.