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Kroger Purchases Can Now Benefit OLBH Foundation

The OLBHFoundation has entered into a partnership with Kroger that will allow the grocery store’s customers to donate to the foundation simply by making their normal purchases. As a new member of the Kroger Community Rewards Program, the OLBH Foundation will receive a percentage of the purchase proceeds from customers who use their Kroger Plus card after first linking the card to the OLBH Foundation.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for supporters of the OLBH Foundation to benefit those in need in our community at no cost to them simply by shopping at Kroger,” Luann Serey,  director of the OLBH Foundation and Community Services, said.

To enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards Program, visit krogercommunityrewards.com with a Kroger Plus card handy to register (those without a Kroger Plus card can acquire one at the customer service desk of any Kroger store.) Follow the easy steps to start a Kroger Rewards Account and when prompted enter the OLBH Foundation’s NPO (nonprofit organization) number to make it the beneficiary of Kroger Plus card purchases. The OLBH Foundation’s NPO number is 87869. Once an account is linked to the OLBH Foundation, every time a customer uses his/her Kroger Plus card when making a purchase a portion of the sale will be donated back to the OLBH Foundation.

For more information concerning OLBH’s participation in the Kroger Community Rewards Program call (606) 833-4078.